Tips for painting your wooden tool shed

Tips for painting your wooden tool shed

In New Zealand and Australia, any single storey structure, not used for living in, has two openings and is used usually for storage purposes is named as a shed. For people like us who are interested in gardening, we know exactly the ample amount of stuffs required daily and hence owing a shed is very essential. Usually people prefer wooden sheds for gardening purposes because it is a natural element and hence enhances the garden ambience .

Now wood is obviously prone to water soaking and also pest attacks so it is important to apply a protective coating on the shed surface (painting) skilfully in order to prevent those circumstances and make it last longer. So for the owners of wooden shed, this is an interesting article in which some tips for painting the wooden sheds will be highlighted for your benefits–

1.     The initial and the most important part of shed painting is preparing the shed-surface i.e. cleaning all the dust and dirt. If you skip this step there would inevitably be blistering and flaking on the surface after you have completed painting. It is advisable to scrape or sand the surface or in case of bare wood, cleaning it up with pressure washer will be good enough.

2.     While using a pressure washer, keep in mind not to skip certain surfaces and to use it uniformly.  It would be best if you could set a pattern while spraying so that the uniformity is maintained. After this cleaning process leave your shed for a day to dry.

3.     When the shed is completely dry, use primer paint first. Usage of this primer paint seals the holes on the surface and hence does not allow any pest to feed on the wood. If there is any part you don’t want the primer to be sprayed on, mask them. Avoid spraying in an arc pattern and maintain a level.

4.     For painting the shed, using paint gun is advised rather than brushes for an even finish. Try to apply the paint in thinner coats in order to avoid drips, sags and runs. Spray the paint from a distance of around 10-12 inches and overlap the spray so that an even coverage is achieved.

5.     Finally, after you are done, check the shed surface for spots that you might have missed out and re do them. Your painting process will hence be finished with complete efficacy.

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The Charm of the PVC Garden Sheds

The Charm of the PVC Garden Sheds

In the present age of more durable materials like iron, steel and plastic, people tend to have more faith and trust on these materials. More than many people have embraced the usage of plastic and iron over wood, since clearly it is far more manageable than wood. Wood is a natural product and it tends to decay which is why regular care is needed. On the other hand, these durable products like iron, steel, plastic etc do not need any particular care. In fact, they tend to be more useful than not when used in the right way. In a similar manner, when coming down to the usage of garden sheds, PVC garden sheds or the plastic garden sheds are the most preferable ones and the most commonly seen.

It is true that a wooden garden shed keeps us attached to nature but currently, the matter of most importance is convenience which can be provided by the PVC garden sheds. They provide a number of solutions for both your garden needs and your home needs. What is even better is that these PVC garden sheds can even give off a wooden show if opted for.

Most PVC garden sheds are steel reinforced and are easy to assemble whereas; wooden sheds are assembled once and are prone to decay unless taken proper care of. These Plastic garden sheds can be assembled by the owner himself using not much more than the household tools. Added to all of it are their sturdy nature and their durability which counts as one of the greatest plus points of having a plastic garden shed with steel reinforcement. Unlike the wooden garden shed, plastic garden sheds do not need special maintenance and they are the ideal sheds for the storage and the protection of all the garden equipments.

For people with a knack of gardening, garden sheds are a very important part of their routine.  So it is necessary that one buys a garden shed from a nearby store and has the required help when necessary. Rest assured, plastic garden sheds are one of the most common kinds of garden sheds and just in case one finds it difficult to assemble, which is not very likely, help will be just a little distance away.

When talking about garden sheds one cannot however completely ignore the fact that wooden garden sheds too have their own set of charms and is still preferred by an amazing number of people in New Zealand and Australia.

duramax pvc garden shed

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Few useful tips on Spring-gardening

Few useful tips on Spring-gardening

Spring is the season of colours with blooming flowers and leaves. Following are some tips for gardening, to welcome this colourful and fragrant season.

1.     Firstly it is important that you survey your yard. Take a note of the tree limbs that need to be removed and the previous year’s perennial foliage that require cutting down. Have these tasks done before foliage appears; rake the mulch from the beds that are planted with bulbs. Also due to the freezing and thawing, the pathways, fences, steps etc would require repairing.

2.     Order the tools you require and the plants you want for spring gardening. Make sure you are ready with all the tools when the plants start growing.

3.     You need to clear up all the winter debris, get your mowers all serviced up and then make a note of all the areas that would require reseeding.

4.     If you have summer-blooming shrubs like most roses, butterfly bushes, hydrangea etc, trim them. Get the damaged branches removed. In case of the spring-blooming shrubs, prune them after they have flowered.

5.     For checking the pH of the soil, gather soil samples from various spots of your garden (for accuracy) and check it using the home soil-test kits. In case you need to increase the pH, use dolomite lime and in order to decrease, use elemental sulfur.

6.     Remove the weeds and debris from the soil in order to clear the planting area. For manuring the soil perfectly, first layer the soil with well rotten manure or compost for 4-inches and then using a spading fork; mix it with the soil properly to a depth of around ten to twelve inches.

7.     Choose a cool cloudy day in the early spring for planting shrubs, bare-root trees, perennials like daylilies and hostas. Sow the seeds of the vegetables like spinach, parsley, lettuce and the cool-season flowers like calendula, poppies, and sweet peas. Any time during the growing season is good for transplanting the container-grown plants, except for mid-summer.

8.     Based on the results of the soil test, apply required soil amendments, fish emulsions or balanced fertilizers around the plants as soon as new growth appears. In case of perennials it is ideal to fertilize the soil around them when their active growth resumes.

9.     Using a compost bin, start a compost pile for home-made compost.

10.  Clean and scrub the bird baths and bird feeders.

The above steps are sure to give you a fruitful result and you would soon get to see your garden blooming. For more tips visit The Garden Shed Company blog.

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Why Raised Garden Beds Have Managed to Take Away the Spot-Light

Why Raised Garden Beds Have Managed to Take Away the Spot-Light
If you have heard of permaculture and have the substantial knowledge about it, you must be well aware of the raised- bed gardening. It is one of the most commonly adopted gardening methods since it happens to be a lot more advantageous than normal gardening. Of course it involves the need of great care and maintenance, but other things remaining constant, it has its set of uses.

Basically, raised-bed gardening uses many of the principles of permaculture. In this kind of gardening the soil is encased in three or four foot wide beds with wood rock or sometimes even concrete blocks. This portion of earth is raised above the general soil level and tends to be of various shapes and sizes depending on the owner of the garden.

In this kind of gardening, the vegetable plants are planted very strategically to make sure that they barely touch each other’s leaves once they grow up, leaving a very limited amount of space in between, which is not enough for the growth of weed. This portion of earth is also enriched with compost to make sure that the plants receive the maximum nourishment and have a healthy growth. Also, the moisture required for the proper growth of the plants is conserved well in the space allowed.

Raised garden beds have very successfully proved to be a valuable gardening process:

·      The planting season is extended- thanks to them.

·      With proper and strategic planning, the threat of weeds can be eliminated.

·      The need for the native soil, not always enriched with compost is lessened.

·      They are also very convenient form of gardening for the old people who find it difficult to raise the plants by bending all the time.

·      The yield is higher due to the extra caution given to their growth.

·      This kind of gardening can be used greatly to control erosion.

·      Nutrients and water can be conserved as well due to their building along contour lines.

·      The production of intensive crops tends to get more space in this kind of gardening.

A Raised garden bed (available online from is generally compatible with and greatly associated with companion planting and square foot gardening. Thus, in short, if you are looking for a more convenient gardening experience, you would do better with these raised garden beds since they tend to provide a better comfort zone for both the plants as well as the gardener.

raised garden bed

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Reasons behind wooden kitset sheds being more preferable

Reasons behind wooden kitset sheds being more preferable

Every household has innumerable stuff that requires a place to be kept in. Most importantly, people who have a knack for gardening, have many tools and stuff and hence a shed is a must. Kit set sheds are very popular mainly because they are customizable. Now kit sheds are available in three materials, wood, plastic and metal. Most people prefer wooden sheds over the others, especially the gardeners. Here are some of the reasons why the wooden kitset sheds are way more popular and preferable than the other.

Wood is superior to the others in most aspects. Firstly, wood is a natural element and obviously usage of wooden sheds would help keep up with the natural garden ambience. Also wood is superior to the other material in many ways.

Unlike plastic, wood is unaffected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Also if proper treatment is applied on the wood, they can easily be made water resistant and hence will avoid soaking water. But in case of metal, even though rust-resistant coating is applied, it eventually starts rusting.

Once the wooden sheds are treated with Borate, there would not be any risk of appearances of holes on the surface of chipped edges and hence no pest attack will take place.

Wooden sheds last for decades in comparison to plastic and metal ones. The metal sheds eventually rust and usually have a warranty of 7 years. Although plastic ones are relatively long term, however they do not last as long as wooden sheds because they aren’t UV radiation proof.

Also, wood is the best insulating material. The sheds remain warm in winter and cooler during summer. Hence it is just perfect for keeping the various tools as there are fewer chances of the tools getting damaged due to extreme temperatures. Also these sheds would make very comfortable workshops

Any argument regarding the beauty of wooden equipments is invalid. Wood is one of the most easily available materials, which not only have the above mentioned qualities, but also are extremely beautiful and eco-friendly. Plastic however is not very favourable for the environment.

While making the kitset wooden sheds you can choose from certain construction types in which the wooden boards can be placed in various ways to create different effects like the rustic effect, log-cabin effect or the classic cabin effect etc. But in case of metal of plastic kit-sets, there would not be many customizable options.

Needless to say wooden kitset sheds have several reasons as cited above to make you fall in love with it.

wooden garden shed

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Where to Find Good Deals on Garden Sheds

For the garden enthusiast, he or she may have been thinking along the lines of purchasing a garden shed. Naturally, those who do a lot of gardening like to have a place to store their gardening supplies and tools. However, a Timber garden shed has many other uses than just for storing gardening tools. Here are some of those uses.

A wooden garden shed would double great as a green house. Having a transparent roof on the structure will allow your plants all the necessary sunlight.

The garden shed has also been used many times as a safe place to park your car. An added advantage is that you will be able to do light work on your car, away from the elements.


Some people with creativity have turned their garden shed into a small schoolhouse or daycare. You could house a small number of children, provided your home is not large enough or you simply do not want that type of activity in your home.

Your gardening shed could also function as a camping shed, giving you somewhat the outdoorsy experience in your back yard.

Another good use for a gardening shed is as an office. You can get solitude and peace away from the home in your shed while getting your office work done simultaneously.

Your gardening shed can function as an entertainment center. You have the option to make your wood gardening shed sound proof, making an excellent room for your loud music or tv with surround sound.

Finally, believe it or not, your wood gardening shed is actually good for storing tools, but not just gardening tools. You could store your lawn mower, or your power tools used for do-it-yourself projects.

With all of these great ideas for your wooden garden shed, you can now shop around online for the best deals on sheds. The Garden Shed Company gives great deals on garden sheds, garden tools and much more. Being based in New Zealand is not an issue when it comes to getting great deals. Their NZ garden sheds are affordable because the company is not the typical “brick and mortar” business, therefore reducing overhead. For more information, visit their website, NZ garden sheds.

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